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Diet and Supplement Coaching

Diet and Supplement coaching addresses nutrient uptake, cleansing and, in many instances, healing.   Using food as medicine is the concept used to guide the body toward wellness.  The body actively balances itself when given nutrients that are easily assimilated and that incorporates healthy fats, low glycemic carbohydrates, and quality proteins.  Given the level of pollutants and nutrient deficient food in our environment today, eating intelligently is more important than ever before.

Priscilla Cobb, RN, MSN, is your Health Coach for eating healthy and choosing your best supplement program.  Priscilla is certified as a Body Ecology Coach and is a graduate of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta.  The emphasis at LifeSpring Wellness is about maximizing nutrient absorption.  These are the reasons for incorporation the probiotic rich foods as emphasized by Body Ecology, and for consuming a high quantity of raw, living vegetables as taught by our living foods experts.  Priscilla rounds off the nutrient absorption and uptake quest by including metabolic typing to assist clients in choosing the most effective program for long term wellness; and, if desired, weight loss.

Body Ecology for Cleansing and Healing

The Body Ecology Diet was developed by Donna Gates after many years of research and study.  She compiled her findings in a comprehensive book called The Body Ecology Diet.  In her book Donna addresses the root cause of many chronic health conditions and demonstrates how utilizing a probiotic rich diet can lead to cleansing and healing.  At LifeSpring Wellness, Priscilla is happy to assist you to utilize the principles of the Body Ecology system.  To find out more please submit the form below to obtain a free download.  This  free download  summarizes the important features of following the Body Ecology Diet.  Priscilla used the program 8 years ago to rid her body of a long standing toxic condition due to candida overgrowth.  Priscilla knows that the program works and can help you find the balance you are seeking.  At the office, Priscilla carries all the Body Ecology Products.  If  you have questions about how the Body Ecology Diet will work for you, please submit the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Using Supplements Wisely

At LifeSpring Wellness, we research supplements extensively and carry only those that we believe effectively address one of  four steps toward wellness: opening elimination channels, addressing nutrient uptake, detoxifying the body, and enhancing immunity.  Toward that end, we have a small inventory of supplements from the following companies:  Physica Energetics, Energetix, Advanced Naturals (Renew Life), Original Medicine (Garden of Life), Natural VitalityBody Ecology, and Essential Formula.  You may purchase almost all of these products at other on-line stores or your local health food store, with the exception of the Physica Energetics line.  Physica Energetics nutrients, botanical and homeopathic remedies are only available via your health or wellness practitioner.  You will be energetically tested for the supplements we offer, thereby allowing you to make a wise choice.  Please note that we provide information only for you to make your decision and are not prescribing.  We are not attempting treat any disease condition and suggest that you contact your medical practitioner for any disease related concern.

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