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Power Strips for Pain, Muscle Sorness and Improved Circulation

This is a patch, not a pill and many folks report immediate relief of pain.  I experienced that myself when I put the patch on a foot injury.  There was no pain on the first day that I used the patch, despite the fact that I had limped for 2 weeks.  Four days later, the foot was normal such that I could dance for 2 hours without swelling or pain. My dance instructor has plantar fasciitis that causes pain and limping.  I gave him a power strip and he was able to instruct and stay on his feet for 9 hours the next day with no pain.  Additionally, he did not have pain in the foot the following day, even though he had no patch on the feet.  Many people are reporting relief from chronic pain with more flexibility and less physical restrictions for exercise and movement.

Here are some videos of real people who have found help:  First video

Second video

Power Strips for Pain and Energy (a patch, not a pill) 

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I do have a supply of Power Strips in the office so come on by.

Specials for Spring, 2015

BioScan is discounted by $45

Look for April Newsletter for current discount offers.

New!  Infrared Sauna, one person module

30 minutes for $20

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 Products for your Wellness Journey

  • The Squatty Potty.   Assist the body to eliminate completely and naturally without pressure to the spinal column or the abdominal and perineum muscles. Prevent hemorrhoids and other structural damage.  Assist to prevent additional exacerbation of existing hemorrhoids or weak perineum muscles. The company now has a more affordable plastic stool.  Go online and check it out (Squatty!

  • Body Ecology.  This popular diet has helped many people over the years eliminate yeast and digestive imbalance.  The products are unsurpassed for purity, quality and effectiveness.  I have used these products for over 12 years and am never dissatisfied.  Browse the site today.  Especially exceptional for digestion are the enzymes and probiotic beverages. For energy and protein assimilation try Super Vitality Green and Potent Proteins. Try the new sugar free chocolate for a holiday treat!

  • Buffered Magnesium Glycinate with L-Taurine.  This supplement is available from Physica Energetics, the company that I purchase most of herbal,homeopathic and nutrient supplements.  If you like the Oxyflush that I used to carry, it is readily available online.  I make it a policy to not carry supplements that are available online cheaper than I can sell.  I find the Buffered Magnesium more effective than the Oxyflush, and it does not cause the need to stay near the toilet, nor does it cause some of the cramping that can happen at times with Oxyflush.  If you have frequent bouts with constipation, this is one tool you want available! 

  • The BIOSCAN.   This valuable report provides a comprehensive overview of wellness. Many people identify strategies to catapult their wellness a step or two higher. This technology uses a combination of microdermal screening, electrodermal screening and digital hair imaging to obtain a complete picture of a person's current status.  Laboratory tests compared to the results of The BioScan screenings confirm an 80 to 85% accuracy of the readings.  We have a new layer of epithelial cells that comprise our skin every 35 days.  So, a person can track their progress over time with screenings every 2 months or so.  The BioScan report gives the participant an overview of the body with detail about specific body systems needing support.  The report also offers information about over 100 types of foods and over 150 types of herbs, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, homeopathics, essential oils, essential fatty acids and more!  When you have a BioScan, you are no longer guessing about what body systems deserve your full attention, and what foods and supplements will assist you. I now have The BioScan as one of my regular offerings.  Please call, email or text me for prices, to see a sample report, or book an appointment. I often have unannounced discounts, so text or email me.  To read about the BioScan go to this page.

  • Ancient Awakenings Cultured Foods has a variety of their foods, including cultured vegetables, fruit juice kefir, plain coconut kefir and berry, banana coconut kefir. Fruit juice kefirs are very low in carbohydrates and sugar.This company is growing by leaps and bounds. They are supplying Whole Foods, all locations, regularly. Consider adding this to your health routine as it is the best way I know to implant your intestines with immune building microflora. I will be reducing my inventory of these foods as the Carlton Farm truck is now carrying all the products.  Additionally, Steven and Dana Rankin, who own Ancient Awakenings Have a retail store on Highway 92. At Whole Foods or Harry's, you can find the kombucha and fruit juice kefir in the refrigerated kombucha case, the coconut kefir in the dairy section and the cultured vegetables in the refrigerated fermented foods case near the produce department.

  • Natural Wound Care features OceanZyme, the all natural way to heal wounds, especially lingering wounds.  Click here to find out more about this amazing product.  Personally, I make sure my 95 year old mother is never without this, as it assists any small wound on her legs to heal very quickly, and has kept infections at bay. 

  • Oxyflush. Go to for the best price on this great cleanser

  • IntraMax.  This all in one supplement supplies instant energy, often reduces sugar cravings, supplies your body with all known nutrients and offers detoxification herbs.  All in all, it contains 416 ingredients that are carbon bonded for maximum absorption.  This product is the ultimate, scientifically researched supplement and I highly recommend you read more about it and consider giving it a try. Go here for more information.  A case will be in inventory this week. I will place instructions in the April newsletter for ordering yourself via my account online with Drucker Labs.

    Please note that nothing contained in this information is intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition.  We urge you to consult with a medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.  Our information is for your consideration to use in your wellness goals. 

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